What are the signs and factors of drowsy driving?

What are the signs and factors of drowsy driving?

| Apr 11, 2020 | Firm News

Drowsy Driving and Car Accidents

All drivers must share the road with others. This includes sharing the road with those who may drive while drowsy. The CDC explains that one in 25 adults have fallen asleep while driving over a month period. The NHTSA estimates that 72,000 car wrecks were because of drowsy driving. 

Drowsy driving is a serious problem, but who is most at risk of sleeping behind the wheel? 

Who are the culprits? 

The main culprits are drivers who do not get enough sleep at night. This is especially common among commercial drivers. Commercial drivers, like bus drivers, tractor trailer drivers and others may work long shifts. Likewise, those who work night shift or longer shifts off the road may be drowsy during their commutes. In addition, if you take any medication that makes you sleepy, you should stay clear of the road. 

What are the signs? 

Drowsy driving can affect other drivers and it can also affect you. If you catch yourself yawning or blinking more often, then you may be drowsy and need to pull your vehicle over. Drowsiness can also affect your memory. You may lose track of how many miles you drove or how long you have been driving. In some cases, you may even veer to the shoulder and hit the rumble strip. 

Since it is more difficult to tell if another driver is drowsy, there is one sign that you should take seriously on the roadways. Often, drowsy drivers will drift out of their lanes. You may witness another vehicle drifting out of your lane or into your lane.