How much does a funeral cost in Dallas?

How much does a funeral cost in Dallas?

| May 8, 2020 | Firm News

Funerals are costly, but most of us get one someday. After an unexpected or negligent incident takes your loved one, the emotional toll may not lend to a clear headspace to consider the expense. But when you start into a wrongful death case, it is important to know what all goes into these last rites so you can make sure that, despite your loss, those responsible give you the compensation they owe you.

The National Funeral Directors Association keeps an updated list of the average costs of these services.

Burial with ceremony

Traditional burial has a number of costs associated with it, particularly the casket and vault which average nearly $4000 together. Fees for the construction crew to excavate and mold the vault alongside usual ceremony costs give us an average just over $9000 for a traditional burial.

Cremation with ceremony

Cremation can provide for a cheaper solution (at around $5000 average), but still involves much of the costs associated with embalming and the ceremony. While embalming is not required in the state of Texas, most funeral homes require embalming for the purposes of open casket viewings. Despite the lack of burial, the cost of a rental casket for a viewing or the cremation casket can raise costs of a cremation to around $7000.

Getting what is yours

Your local funeral director is here to do their very best to provide your loved ones the respect they deserve at death, hence the cost of labor, chemicals and resources. Knowing these figures helps you expect the financial burden a wrongful death can have on you—as well as what you deserve in compensation.