What are the most common reasons for truck accidents?

What are the most common reasons for truck accidents?

| Jul 25, 2020 | Firm News

Large semi-trucks and other big rigs are statistically more dangerous to everyone involved during an accident. This is largely due to the sheer size and weight of the trucks themselves. Weighing an average of 35,000 pounds without accounting for load weight, large trucks do not have the same stopping power that passenger vehicles have. 

While the weight of the trucks themselves contribute to the dangerousness of accidents involving big rigs, it is other drivers that cause most of the accidents in the first place. Drivers of passenger vehicles often fail to take into account the limitations of semi-trucks and make choices that endanger themselves and the truck drivers. 

Actions that cause accidents with big rigs

According to FindLaw, there are many mistakes passenger vehicle drivers make which lead to truck accidents. For example, driving in areas close to a big rig where the driver cannot see you. These are “No-Zones” and are particularly dangerous spots to be. Additionally, things like driving between two large trucks or placing yourself in a position where the truck has no choice but to run into you are common mistakes made by other drivers. 

Other things that cause accidents with big rigs include the following: 

  • Changing lanes or stopping abruptly in front of a big truck 
  • Misjudging the speed at which the big rig is traveling  
  • Failing to account for a big truck’s stopping time  
  • Not giving a semi-truck enough space to maneuver  

Drive safely around large trucks

Driving safely while around large trucks is an important part of avoiding accidents. Be sure to give big rigs lots of space on all sides when driving near them. Also, do not follow closely behind large trucks, or stop suddenly in front of them.