Back to back accidents in Dallas result in deaths

Back to back accidents in Dallas result in deaths

| Aug 13, 2020 | Firm News

Car wrecks involve a lot of moving pieces in regards to the investigation and the fallout. Two Dallas accidents over a single night help prove that each collision has a lasting impact on the people and families involved. 

WFAA news reports of a hit-and-run and a motorcycle wreck. 

Hit-and-run after midnight

A speeding driver created a domino effect with two other vehicles. She struck the first vehicle which collided into a stopped vehicle at an intersection. The driver of the first vehicle died on the scene while the passenger of the first vehicle suffered multiple injuries and authorities took them to the local hospital. 

The 29-year-old woman allegedly responsible for the accident fled the scene with the other passengers. It is unknown whether authorities have apprehended them or whether the driver of the second struck vehicle suffered injuries. 

Motorcycle wreck at dawn

A wrecked and overturned truck proved to be a dangerous obstacle for a 58-year-old motorcyclist who died of his injuries at the hospital. The investigation is ongoing, but it is unclear at this point as to what caused the broken-down truck in the first place. 

The fallout afterward

Each of these car wrecks shines a light on how nuanced these collision cases are. In the first, there is the alleged fleeing of the scene which highlights the importance of investigation and how wrongful death claims may be necessary to help families pick up the pieces after this unexpected tragedy. The second wreck introduces several unknown questions. Is the driver of the truck liable for endangering motorists? What about the presumable car wreck prior that caused the truck to overturn? Figuring out these answers is imperative in determining what justice these victims deserve.