Premises Liability

Get The Best Possible Compensation From Your Premises Liability

If you have received a serious personal injury as a result of premises liability, you cannot afford to take your recovery for granted. Insurance companies will not simply hand you a check that covers both the current and future costs of your injury. You need to be prepared to fight for your compensation, and we can help you do it.

We are Jill Herz, Attorney at Law, P.C., a Texas firm that provides the most members of our community with the most good. From our office in Dallas, we have been fighting insurance companies to provide the most good to our clients for more than 25 years. We started fighting for clients back in 1993, and we are proud to continue that fight to this day.

What Premises Liability Looks Like, And How To Fight It

Premises liability is a situation where a person responsible for the property allows visitors to suffer injuries. Some of the most dangerous forms of these injuries take place on a construction site. It is no secret how dangerous these places can be, but when workers or employers are not taking the proper precautions, it can result in people passing by to suffer serious and debilitating injuries.

If you have suffered a premises liability injury, especially from a construction site accident, the liable party will act fast to make your injury go away. This may be in the form of offering you a settlement that is afar less than you deserve, or they may even try to shift the blame of the injury onto you. We know how to negotiate for your best possible outcome on your behalf, and we are prepared to fight for you in court if things turn tough.

Now Is The Time To Act

Insurance companies will try to convince you that getting an attorney will only make things more difficult for you. The truth is that we are here to protect your best interests, and we are eager to earn the privilege.

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